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PST File or Personal Storage Table (.pst) is used by Outlook to store it's data. If you use Microsoft Outlook, you most likely have personal information such as contact info, emails and to-do lists stored in this program. Microsoft Outlook is a very useful tool, both for business and personal communication. However, if your PST file becomes corrupted or damaged, you are unable to access your personal information stored in Microsoft Outlook. This may include calendar entries, emails, important contact information or journal entries.

Many people aren't aware why exactly the PST file is so essential for retaining personal information in Microsoft Outlook. When a PST file becomes corrupt (due to a variety of reasons), it can result in a long-term problem that negatively affects your productivity. This is the main reason why Stellar Outlook PST Repair was developed, in order to restore functionality to Microsoft Outlook by repairing and restoring the PST File.

The PST file used with Microsoft Outlook was developed by the Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 team. The main use of the PST file is for a user of Microsoft Outlook to retain a copy of their personal information on their local computer. PST actually stands for "Personal Storage Table", which is used to provide a method of storage for archived items within Microsoft Outlook. In layman's terms, this means that your saved emails, calendar appointments and other data are stored in the PST file to provide you optimum access to your information. In reality, the PST file is not only used by Microsoft Outlook - it can also be used by Windows Messaging and Exchange Client.

There are many reasons why a PST file may become corrupt. In versions of Microsoft Outlook that were developed before 2003, there was a limit to the size of the PST file. If this limit (which was set at 2 GB) was surpassed, the file became unstable. Though later versions of Outlook have a higher file limit, the PST file may still be prone to corruption or damage. If you attempt to move or modify your PST file, this could also cause serious problems.

Stellar Outlook PST Repair is designed to restore and repair your PST file in three easy steps. Once your PST file is restored, you will once again have access to your emails, contact information, calendar entries and other personal information.

For more info on how to Repair PST File, use the guide at the homepage.


Easy and fast repair exactly as you said, finally I can get back to work again, thank you.
Martin D, TX

At the end of the day this software was the only solution for my broken Outlook pst file.
Larry R, NY

Great software! Thank you for a fast PST repair. Never imagined it will be so easy.
Karen R, UK

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